Aftersales & retro fit

What do we have to offer?

D.A Watts & Sons is a Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for many of the UK biggest Boat builders and has extensive library of drawing's and patterns at it's disposal. (Princess Yachts, Sunseeker Yachts, Fairline Boats and Sealine Boats, among other patterns for other companies.)

The first part of the enquiry process is centre around, Who built he boat - what model is the boat from the builders range? From these two simply question, we will have the ability to very quickly inform the customer if we have digital drawing's for the area they require.

If the are no digital drawing or patterns for the area of decking or flooring that the customer would require. We would require the customer to supply us with a rudimental template and photographs of the area in question. There isn't a right or wrong way of making a deck or table template/drawing. Our staff are available and happy to assist with the making of any templates.

Please don't hesitate to contact us should you have any question regarding templates and drawing's.

The most important part of any rudimentary pattern template is the outside periphery of the area. From a simply pattern we are able to digitally recreate the template to provide us with a set of fully working pattern's, to be then cut out by the companies CNC department ready for the wood to be laid.

How to a quote: Please contact us via our online enquiry form on the Wattsons teak decking website, by email or by telephone. We will endeavor to responded to all online and email requests between twenty four and forty eight hours with any relevant information and question regarding the boat and areas in question.

If we have the drawing's of the boat and area's, we will forward over to you the PDF drawing's along with any quotation. As we're sure you can appreciate, without a template or drawing with measurements it makes it difficult for of staff to offer a quotation for replacement.

How does the customer accept and place an order?

If you would like to place an order with ourselves for the item(s) quoted. We will take this opportunity to thank you for your order with us. To generate the order numbers and to get the parts required moving on our systems we will raise a pro-form invoice and send it over to you.

On average our production lead time is roughly four weeks.

Product care advice.

Teak decking should be cleaned regularly, not only to keep it looking fresh, but also to extend its life cycle. abrasive cleaning products are not recommended for use with teak decking products, and as such maintaining a teak deck should be done in progressive stages so as to keep any wear inflicted to a minimum.

Firstly a teak deck should be scrubbed down with sea water, which should be adequate for most regular cleanings. If further cleaning is necessary at this point, a recommended cleaning agent should be used. We are stockists of TDS (Teak Decking Systems) Eco Teak cleaning products. The decks may occasionally require a light sanding to bring them back to their best, however, caution is advised here – regular sanding will shorten the life-cycle of the teak deck, in high traffic areas particularly. a properly maintained teak deck should still be in a good condition after 10 years, however, due to the differing environmental conditions the craft can be subjected to around the world this can vary.

Product request/enquiries:

Please contact D.A Watts & Sons directly by phone 01832 732 633 (ask for Kevin Bettles) or by email if we could get as much information as possible at the point of contact it will inable us to respond to any request more timely.