Each hand crafted interior floor built by D.A Watts & Sons is created using the highest quality timbers from around the world. The timber is selected by hand then passes through the companies modern mill facilities ready for our team of carpenters to begin laying the cut section into the flooring templates. Once the flooring pieces are placed together, then using a combination of liquid glues and high grade clear liquid resins the team of carpenters use vacuum tables to remove any air from the glues and resins to create a seamless join to the wooden flooring.

Our carpenters construct these beautiful interior floors from a number of different timbers; Teak, Oak, Wenge, Walnut and Ash. many of these flooring set come with CNC cut bullnosings from the timber of choice.

The hand crafted flooring built by D.A Watts & Sons make for a fantastic addition to the finest super yachts and are a beautiful addition.


Here are some of the many different interior floor conbinations and options availaible.