Teak has for hundreds of years been recognised as a valuable commodity to be carefully nurtured, thoughtfully exploited and staunchly protected. It grows in the mixed deciduous forests of Asia, or in plantations, in abundance and perpetuity. Teak, a lovely and durable timber, has a colourful - and a sure future.

The production of Wattsons teak decking and associated products currently consumes significant quantities of Burma teak every month.

Our investment in leading edge technology and modern machining techniques ensure an extremely low wastage factor and efficient utilisation of the raw material.

D.A Watts & Sons enjoy close relationships with major teak importers and directly with the timber yards in Burma/Myanmar. Our personnel and company are well known in the Burmese teak industry, as such we are able to source and select teak of the finest quality to meet our exacting specifications.

We respect their traditional methods including the use of the elephant as a means of extracting timber from the natural forest. Only the elephant has the power and intelligence to work on the steep slopes amid trees, rocks, mud and san without causing severe damage to the natural environment.

Teak exhibits exceptional durability, stability and strength. Its excellent characteristics are of such infinite variety that it is considered by many to be the timber to meet every requirement. This accolade in most widely recognised in the marine industry where today modern vessels share an association with the famous teak planking clipper ships of an age gone by.